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Playing drums together can build relationships and empower a group more than any other activity

We will bring a trailer full drums and percussion instruments,

set them up to for groups of 15 - 1,500, and facilitate a

completely interactive, cohesive and powerful event that will inspire, connect and entertain your guests. We will sing, laugh, drum, and even dance as we explore and experience important concepts like synergy, trust, responsibility for each other and ourselves, being in the moment and striving to reach our own human potential.

What makes this activity so unique is that participants will not just watch another show, they ARE the show. The best part is - everyone gets and instrument to play and we sound great and have an amazing time! Each person will leave empowered and energized, sharing a deeper sense of camaraderie and feeling more connected to those around them. I promise your event will be talked about for a long time to come and is great for all people, regardless of skill, musical experience, age or even physical ability. 

If you have a beating heart,you have a rhythm to share!

Human Beings are a very social creature.

There is strength in numbers, and when those numbers come together for a common purpose - there is a synergy that happens. From the dawn of time, we have gathered to experience community.

 Drum Circles

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​ Corporate Team Building

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Our deepest gratitude to our community who has continued to embrace and celebrate what we do - thank you for letting us be us!!!

​​​​Interactive Drum Circles

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Building Community Through

Human Empowerment

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